The transparent country house
  • For all seasons, resistant to all weather conditions
  • Easy to build and move yourself
  • Easy to heat in colder climates

Are you looking for the perfect cover for your swimming pool, hot tub or jacuzzi? Or do you want to build a greenhouse in your backyard? Then choose a HypeDome! 

A 100 percent transparent and frameless system. The HypeDome creates an extra space that blends in with its surroundings. The boundary between inside and outside is blurred. Exactly what you're looking for if you want to enjoy the outdoors all year round!

The HypeDome was developed in 2020 by a team of experts. The system is the perfect choice for all seasons. The HypeDome is resistant to snow and cold, but also to bright sunlight. With HypeDome the possibilities are endless!

For example, think of:
- Indoor children's playground
- Eating and/or drinking room at home, catering location or event
- Office space at the business or as a home office
- Unique sleeping place
- Yoga and/or meditation room
- Sports place
- Showroom
- Cover for swimming pool, hot tub or jacuzzi
- Greenhouse

We also offer additional options with which you can make the HypeDome more versatile and more unique. How about:
- An additional entrance
- Storage wall pockets
- A sunscreen
- A window panel

The HypeDome: the unique alternative to a conservatory!

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