Daylight Reflexbox

The passive daylight system
  • Maximum light efficiency
  • No maintenance or wear
  • Applicable on any roof

Do you want to get the most out of your daylight system? Then choose the Daylight Reflex box. This double-walled skylight has a special curvature. Thanks to the 4/reflection catcher system and the light distribution unit, the dome achieves maximum daylight efficiency. The Daylight Reflex box is mounted on a prefab roof curb and fits on any roof. The ideal daylight solution for commercial applications. The Daylight Reflexbox is also suitable for renovations of old skylights.

Regardless of the time of year and the position of the sun; the dome catches sunlight from all sides. The 4/reflection system captures the daylight and transports the light down to the light distribution unit. A prism lens then ensures the perfect distribution of daylight. This makes the Daylight Reflex box an innovative and cost-effective daylight system!

The double walls of the Daylight Reflexbox ensure high-quality insulation. The system contains no rotating parts and therefore requires no maintenance. By using a durable roof seal, the Daylight Reflexbox also has a long life!

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