BBA Approval 

British board of Agrement
BBA actually stands for British Board of Agrément, originally established by the British Government in 1966, but now presents a non-profit, independent certification body which offers certification and inspection services in regard to the construction work and materials in the UK. Its services include not only certifying construction materials and procedures but also inspecting and making sure that the recognised and BBA approved techniques and schemes are implemented. The entire organisation and approvals are recognised by the building control, local authorities and departments, insurance companies, architects and designers, which means that you can rest assure that a BBA approved product really meets the standards set in the given certificate, since all the manufacturers are subject to organised surveillance and review just as the installation processes are under constant inspection 

Product Approval
As mentioned above, we believe that it is extremely important to purchase and use only accredited and approved products. BBA makes sure that the accreditation is only given to the products that pass a strict series of laboratory testing, on-site evaluations, production inspections and proper audits that will make sure that adequate quality management system is applied.  The product undergoes regular monitoring twice a year and an overall reassessment every three years, all in order of making sure that the good practice is also followed in the years to come.

The products from Solatube has BBA product Approval, more information go to

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