Powerdaylight Eco

Extra insulated daylight tube
  • Unique thermal and acoustic properties
  • Suitable for Passive Building
  • Polycarbonate dome (Standard) or flat glass daylight collector (Cradle)
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The Powerdaylight ECO extra insulated daylight tube is one of the most energy-efficient daylight tubes in the range. The ECO version improves both the thermal and acoustic properties of the Powerdaylight daylight system. As a result, this version is also suitable for passive construction.


  • Available in diameters Ø 25 cm, Ø 35 cm and Ø 53 cm;
  • Round or square interior finish;
  • Cradle version.

Advantages during quick and easy installation:

  • Manual lifting is still allowed and possible due to low weight;
  • Little to no structural modifications to the roof structure;
  • Complete system, from the roof flashing to the interior finishing;
  • Round recesses can easily be made in existing constructions such as concrete;
  • Interior finishing immediately ensures a complete finish, without carpentry or painting.

Benefits in your space:

  • Low maintenance;
  • No view from the outside;
  • Aesthetically pleasing;
  • Good sound insulation;
  • Large light output with relatively small diameter;
  • Provides diffused daylight by means of a ceiling diffuser of your choice;

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