Powerdaylight Cradle

The durable daylight tube
  • 100% recyclable 
  • 100% glass dome and diffuser
  • Specialists in walkable daylight systems

The Powerdaylight Cradle system – a highly reflective  daylight tube, provides natural light to dark spaces or those without windows. Other names for a daylight tube are: daylight system, Solartube, daylight spot, light tunnel, sunpipe, daylight well.

At the Powerdaylight Cradle brand they are aware of the potential of renewable energies, which is why they don't work with plastic. The materials from Powerdayligt Cradle, such as glass, are 100% recyclable and sustainable.

Powerdaylight Cradle systems are the only daylight tube on the market with a 100% glass dome and diffuser.

Powerdaylight Cradle  are specialists in the design and manufacture of pedestrian, anti-slip and walkable daylight tube


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