Techcomlight can help contribute toward your project’s LEED® Certification Goals

Building Green

"Greener" life requires a different architectural style; buildings that comply with LEED. LEED goes for a green society. This revolves around a more sustainable approach to the design, implementation and management of the built environment. This results in a decreasing demand for energy and a healthy working and living environment. These aspects are also central to Techcomlight every day.

Techcomlight's daylight professionals ensure that you meet the requirements of LEED in the field of daylight. In this way we contribute to the goals you have set with regard to certification. LEED assesses a building on the following elements: 'integration process', 'location and transport', 'sustainable locations', 'water saving', 'energy efficiency', 'material and raw materials', 'indoor environment quality', 'innovation' and 'regional priority'. After the test period, the final certification follows, which can be divided into four levels: "Certified", "Silver", "Gold" and "Platinum". The elements in which Techcomlight is active as a daylight professional is divided into two areas; the impact that the products have in general and the contribution that we can make specifically.

Techcomlight can help you with our brands to make the impact analysis and the contribution analysis. Contact us for the possibilities..


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