Building product reputation

In today’s market, it’s not always easy to stand out above the noise of unverified claims and promises, especially when it comes to product performance and durability.

When Techcomlight wanted to enter into a new market, and differentiate themselves from their competitors, they recognised the importance of 3rd party certification to help build their product reputation and credibility in performance and establish consumer loyalty and trust against what they said their product was able to deliver.


Techcomlight is the UK & Republic of Ireland distributor of the energy-efficient lighting solution, Solatube Daylighting Systems. The innovative product range is installed in a number of environments throughout the UK, and the rest of the world, including within the industrial, retail, healthcare and housing sectors to name just a few, and has sold many millions of units worldwide over the last 30 years. Techcomlight prides themselves on striving for sustainability through continuously seeking a balance between welfare, nature and economy.

Manufactured in California, the original Solatube Daylight Tube aims to brings the daylight outside, to any environment on the inside. The product itself is comprised of a dome with a relatively small diameter that captures the daylight at roof level (or from the vertical facade or the ground), transports that daylight as far as up to 20 metres away via a reflective rigid tube, finally diffusing that light to create a naturally-lit, sustainable lighting solution. And doing all of this regardless of the position of the sun.

Ticking the boxes that matter most

BBA clients are innovators in their fields, but taking that a step further, Techcomlight is an organisation that prides themselves on complying to regulations and legislations; put in place to ensure sustainable and safe working habits for all involved. The Solatube solution is unique in that the dome, made from a polycarbonate material, has been specially selected for the UK market, in order to comply with fire regulations. Coupled to compliance, the performance of that product in situ was what Techcomlight was wanting to verify too. Techcomlight chose to have their Solatube 25cm, 35cm and 53cm daylighting systems tested and certified by the BBA in order to demonstrate the product’s key factors which included light transmittance, strength and stability, weathertightness, behaviour in relation to fire, thermal properties, condensation risk and durability. It was important to Techcomlight that their product was tested as fit-for-purpose, but also that it is compliant with building regulations, including the NHBC Standards (Chapters 7.1 Flat roofs and balconies and 7.2 Pitched roofs).

Looking beyond the Certification

The BBA believes that testing a product goes beyond a simple mark or stamp of approval. The BBA tests a product for its overall ability to be fit-for-purpose; with sustainability and efficiency being just 2 of the core factors that drive the process. It was important for Techcomlight to be able to promote a product that is sustainable and promotes energy-efficiency and to be able to do that successfully through the Solatube product. The BBA Agrément Certificate for the product also verified critical elements such as the product’s reuse and recyclability and safety and verified that each of the materials used in the manufacturing of the product (polycarbonate, galvanized steel and aluminium) could be recycled.

The results that really matter

After completing the rigorous testing processes and subsequent in-depth analysis of the results, the BBA was pleased to issue BBA Agrément Certificate 20/5762 to Techcomlight Ltd for their Solatube tubular Daylighting Systems in June of 2020.

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