Create memorable guest experiences

With Hypedome Dining Domes you can now easily create unique, all-weather outdoor dining spaces. They will quickly become a stunning feature of your restaurant, pub or hotel. 

Add that extra sparkle with our Lighting Kit and let your guests celebrate their special occasions in a truly magical setting. Elevate the dining experience with panoramic views from the comfort of an (almost) invisible pod. 

Increase your restaurant’s turnover
In recent years, the dome dining concept has transformed the al fresco dining scene. Restaurateurs realised that pods can bring the private dining concept to wider audiences and guests love them for all kinds of special occasions. 

Our customers – restaurants, hotels and pubs owners – often offer the domes for an extra fee, thus creating an additional income source. Many of them report that they get booked out for several weeks in advance. Domes can attract new visitors and help put a local food spot on a culinary map.

How one Cambridge restaurant got 3700 extra covers in 12 weeks?
The Willow Tree in Bourn, a Cambridgeshire (UK) restaurant, received nearly 1,000 dome dining bookings, resulting in over 3,700 additional covers in less than 12 weeks. Within that period, they also made over £25,000 of additional profit from the dome booking fees alone (on top of extra F&B revenue!). Guests are delighted with a magical setting and the experience scores 9.3 / 10 for the ambience, based on 300+ reviews.

What’s their secret? They elevated guests’ experience and made them feel special by offering a beautiful private dining space. Get in touch with our team – we will help you create spaces for extraordinary al fresco dining.

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