Efficient and sustainable renovation

There are various reasons why people or companies want to renovate their home or business premises. One example of this is sustainability, but renovation also happens because new ways have been invented to cut costs. Efficiency is a word that comes up often when it comes to renovation. The Solatube from Techcomlight offers the perfect solution in terms of more efficient ways to create light in a home or commercial building. Too little daylight in the house or a workspace that is too dark are often mentioned and good reasons for a renovation.

Database “101 innovations for home renovations”
Housing associations and home owners are working hard to make their homes more sustainable. This can be done in 101 innovative ways. Innovations offer the opportunity to achieve more with the same resources. But how do you find the right innovation that fits the sustainability challenge? The 'Uptempo!' program developed a special matching tool for this. An initial inventory resulted in 101 innovative solutions for homes. Our Solatube daylight systems are included in this database.

Renovation monuments
Daylight is of indispensable value in every building. The only challenge is to find a solution that can be applied to the roof type and roofing of a monument, whereby attention is paid to, for example, the construction, insulation, drainage, connection and watertightness. By means of the Solatube daylight systems, the requirements of daylighting can be easily met, without too many adjustments to the monument.

Dynamic and natural
Solatube can be used on almost any roof type and in many cases no adjustments or reinforcements are required to the existing construction. Without compromising the property, Solatube creates dynamic and natural light within the space. The strength of Solatube is to bring in a lot of daylight with a relatively small diameter. Certainly with the 'flat' dome, adjustments to the appearance are minimal.

What exactly are Solatube daylight systems?
Solatube daylight tubes start with domes installed on the roof of a building and are designed to capture as much daylight as possible.
They then transport that light to the relevant room via highly reflective tubes, where daylight is beautifully diffused and distributed throughout the room via a ceiling diffuser. Additional accessories are also available to 'control' the daylight, such as daylight dimmers or supplementing with LED lighting.
Solatube patented technology filters the infrared wavelength from 950 – 2500 nm, allowing the system to deliver a full spectrum of visible light without drawing in the heat.
Best of all, the daylight tube system provides greater flexibility in designing new building layouts, even as user needs change. When the layout of a building changes, the dome on the roof can remain in its original position, but the pipes and ceiling diffuser can always be adapted to a new design. Ceiling finishes can be replaced or renewed and new LED systems and daylight dimmers can retro-fitted. This means that a flexible and affordable, adaptable system is present in the building, suitable for now and for the future.

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