Healthy horses by daylight in the stable

Daylight in the stable is important for the health of horses. Natural light controls the biorhythm and a hormone is produced in daylight, which makes the horses more energetic, inducing a good mood. During nightfall, horses, like humans, produce melatonin which  makes the animals feel tired, inducing sleep. Sufficient daylight entry into the stable is therefore essential as even with horses, a lack of daylight ensures the well-known winter dip.

Natural light in the stable
A Solatube daylight tube captures daylight via a dome mounted on the roof and transports the daylight down into horse stables via a highly reflective tube system. Solatube daylight systems provide diffused sunlight to prevent glare which could blind the horses.

Comfortably lit stables 24 hours a day
Solatube daylight systems can be supplemented with an integral 10,000 lumen LED lamp to provide comfortable lighting within the stable during the hours of darkness for a complete 24 hour lighting solution.

The power of Solatube in the Equestrian World
- Energy consumption reduction
- Good insulation values
- Diffused light distribution
- No or very few modifications to the building construction
- Improves eating and sleeping rhythm of the horses
- Less potential for a ‘winter dip’
- Combination with artificial light for a 24 hour lighting solution

Stud farm Zandvliet
Stallion station de Nieuwe Heuvel
Caitewick Western Stables

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