One brand dominates the world in Daylight through a green roof

The thorough and globally recognised research report for the green roof market 2021 is out. This contains a preview for this market up to the year 2027. In this report, the Solatube brand is in the top five of brands that matter in this market. In addition, Solatube is the only daylight product in the top 10. 

What are green roofs? Green roofs or vegetation roofs are flat or sloping roofs with vegetation. A more formal designation is "vegetated roof" or "roof vegetation".

The report begins with a basic overview of the industry, including a brief introduction, definitions, dimensions, proportion, classifications, applications, and supply chain structure. The market report also provides an analytical assessment of the key challenges facing the green roof market currently and in the coming years. And thus helps market participants to understand the problems they may encounter when operating in this market for a longer period of time.

Curious about the entire report? The report can be downloaded from:

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