Techcomlight producer of new passive daylight system

We are proud to announce that we have obtained the exclusive sales rights of the Daylight Reflexbox. We have a distribution agreement with the developer of this system Mr Bernhard Kerkdijk and we are going to market this passive daylight system all over the world.

Techcomlight has been the daylight professional since 1992 and provides daylight advice remotely and on location and makes daylight plans for a broad target group. From its locations in the Netherlands, England and Belgium, Techcomlight mainly works in the Benelux, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company also focuses on importation, manufacturing, assembly, product development, installation and distribution of various daylight products.

The Daylight Reflexbox is a unique concept and is equipped with a large double-walled skylight with a special high convex version that captures the daylight.

This dome is mounted on a sustainably produced and highly insulated roof curb, which is available in various sizes and heights.

The light reflection distribution unit is located in the roof curb which ensures the conduction of daylight.

The light distribution unit also contains the patented passive 4/reflection catcher system, which transports the captured day and sunlight from all sides into the light distribution unit. The unique feature of the passive 4/reflection catcher is that regardless of the time of year and position of the sun, the maximum amount of daylight and sunlight is transported into the light distribution unit. This results in maximum daylight efficiency. The reflection catcher has a highly reflective coating. The ceiling prism lens distributes the collected daylight and sun light throughout the underlying space.

Advantages of the system;

  •  maximum daylight efficiency
  •  saving energy and the environment
  • in addition to standard, customisation is also possible
  •  maintenance-friendly passive system

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