The use of Solatube daylight tubes in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

It was a unique challenge to design a place where no-one wants to end up, which is why we always like to contribute ideas when a new medical centre is designed regardless of its purpose.

COVID-19 Isolation Centre
The most recent medical centre we have helped with is the Tigoni Medical Center in Kiambu, Kenya. The new COVID-19 Isolation Centre was built in a record time of 10 weeks in order to provide much-needed space for isolating and treating patients with the Coronavirus.

Daylight is the right medicine
Research shows that daylight offers physiological and psychological benefits in healthcare settings, not only for patients but also for staff. For patients in a hospital, this can help reduce depression, relieve pain, improve sleep, and has been shown to actually shorten the length of stay.

Daylight keeps us alert  
Nurses work long hours. A study from Cornell University has shown that the presence of natural daylight through the use of high quality lighting design improves the level of safety and improves the staff's ability to combat drowsiness, to work in a better mood and to be alert.

For the new hospital design in Kenya, 24 Solatube daylight systems were used, half of which were donated by Solatube. Providing daylight to sick patients and staff at the Tigoni Medical Centre was another step in our efforts to support everyone during this time.

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