The value of daylight in the morning

Do you ever find yourself lying in bed as your alarm sounds to wake you to get ready for work, but you struggle to wake up? Did you know that regular morning sunlight exposure can help with this?

Exposure to natural light first thing in the morning (and throughout the day), triggers hormone production within your body which regulates human circadian rhythms (also known as our internal clock which lets your body know when it’s time to sleep and when it's time to wake up) which promote healthy sleep / wake cycles, so you wake up feeling well-rested, improving our well-being.

In addition, daylight also promotes happiness by triggering your brain to produce seratonin, a hormone that can improve mood by alleviating pain, providing energy and making you feel happy.

The benefits of daylight are indisputable: Studies have shown that it can make you more productive by boosting your energy level; it can strengthen your mental abilities by improving your concentration; and it can enhance your well-being by lifting your mood.

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