Turn your basement into your dream space with a daylight system

Do you wish to incorporate your basement into your home? Techcomlight's daylight systems provide natural light to the darkest corners of your basement, via highly reflective ducting, transforming it into a beautiful liveable space.

The Solatube® daylight system
A Solatube® daylight harvesting dome can be installed in the ground or onto an external wall and transmits daylight via a highly reflective tube down into your underground space. In addition to being able to turn off artificial lighting in your basement during the day, Solatube systems can also help to maintain the right indoor temperature as they are thermally efficient, helping to retain heat within the room during colder winter days and keeping the room cool during the summer by not adding heat which can be generated by solar heat gain.

The Lucernario: a new kind of skylight
The Lucernario is a new kind of skylight which can be installed into your patio or sidewalk. The Lucernario does not only provide daylight into your basement: this modern skylight also provides natural or even mechanical ventilation as well. The air vents are always open, but do not let dirt or insects through. In addition, the system drains rainwater away via an integrated drainage system. The glass of the Lucernario is strong, so you can walk over it without any problems.

De Deplosun: complete prefab system
Deplosun is a complete prefabricated system and is therefore very easy to install. The glass of this system is five times stronger than regular glass and resistant to scratches and abrasion. Options are available that can be driven or walked over, providing vehicular and pedestrian access without any problems. Ideal if you are looking for a system for the floor of your parking lot or terrace!

Require advice? Ask our daylight professionals!
The various daylight systems that we offer are available in various sizes to suit the application. Our daylight professionals are happy to work with you, so that you can turn your basement into your dream space!

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