TV program: ‘Postponement of Execution’

Techcomlight have recently featured on the Dutch TV program ‘Postponement of Execution’. In the program a real estate agent, a construction engineer and a budget coach, try to prevent people's houses from being sold at auction. Often the residents are heavily indebted and forced to sell their homes.

The unique thing about this particular episode is that the homeowner can continue to live in the house after the renovation, instead of the house having to be sold. This has never been achieved in all previous 13 seasons of the programme!

In this episode, Techcomlight - the daylight professional, provided both the bedroom on the ground floor and the landing on the first floor with daylight.

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In the bedroom, the light-well of the old skylight was capped off to increase both the thermal and acoustic insulation within the room and a round 35 cm Ø Solatube system was installed. For a good night's sleep, the daylight tube is equipped with a solar powered daylight dimmer that closes automatically in the evening and can be opened at the desired time in the morning with the remote control.

The internal landing area is no longer reliant upon electrical lighting which had to be turned on at all times as it is now lit with natural daylight from a square Solatube system.

We wish the homeowner many years of pleasure from our daylight systems and are very proud that we were able to help with the end result.

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