Ventilate your attic or basement for a healthy living environment

Do you want to ventilate your loft or attic? The Solar Star from Techcomlight provides a natural air supply and mechanical air extraction. The system can both ventilate and keep your unheated rooms cool. By preventing heat or moisture build-up, you are assured of a healthy living environment in your attic or loft.

The Solar Star: a solar-powered ventilation system
The Solar Star's motor runs on solar energy. This makes the Solar Star an economical and environmentally conscious choice. The systems requires very little maintenance and is supplied with a ten-year warranty on the solar panel and the accompanying motor. The Solar Star can be installed on both flat and pitched roofs.

Ventilate your basement with the Lucernario aerante INOX
Keeping the climate in your basement healthy will allow you to store your belongings and supplies without any hassle. With the Lucernario aerante INOX you provide natural or mechanical ventilation into your basement. With a modern finish the Lucernario aerante INOX can easily be placed in your terrace, garden or driveway and drains rainwater via an integrated drainage system. The vents are always open, but do not let dirt or insects through.

The Lucernario aerante INOX: in addition to ventilation, also daylight in your basement
The Lucernario aerante INOX ventilates and illuminates your underground space. The system is equipped with unbreakable glass, which you can easily walk or drive a car over. Do you want to provide your entire basement with daylight? Techcomlight can bring natural daylight into the darkest corners of your basement through a special pipe system. With the Lucernario aerante INOX you can turn your dark cellar into a pleasant and livable space again!

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