Daylight Design 

We realise your wishes and ideas by adding our knowledge and experience. The result is an inspiring daylighting design in which form and function optimally benefit from each other. Daylight in architecture is craftsmanship, where architecture, lighting technology and building physics come together. 

- Ecological and sustainable appearance
- Pleasant indoor climate
- Visual experience

Lighting Technology:
- Brightness (Luminance)
- Direction of daylight
- Colour rendering
- Light colour / Colour temperature
- Reflection, colour and gloss factor
- Transmission / Spectral filtering 
- Illuminance 

Building physics:
- Sound
- Air
- Heat (load)

We have all the expertise and knowledge in-house to subsequently translate the concept daylight plan into the unique custom daylight product required by the design.

We deliver our daylight plans including an extensive report, with luminaire specifications, sectional drawings, measuring surfaces with isolines and a 3D Visualisation.



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