Lucernario Ventilation – light shaft finish

  • Daylight and ventilation for Lightwells
  • Safer than a traditional grille
  • Easy cleaning from the outside.
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Reinventing the traditional lightwells
Lucernario Ventilation – light shaft finish can be installed during the construction or renovation of terraces and sidewalks with lightwells. Also ideal for applications in the garden. 

The finishes
Lucernario is made of semi-gloss steel for a modern but not too flashy appearance. The shatterproof glass plays a major role in terms of security, it provides natural light and allows safe transit thanks to the non-slip pattern R11

How it works
Lucernario collects rainwater from its drainage channel and permits ventilating the underground environment through the air intakes. The air intakes, which are always open, are protected by anti-insect and dirt meshes. Simply lift the grille to clean the drainage channel.

Keep in mind that the vents are always open; however, they are vertical, so they are unlikely to get clogged (although periodic cleaning is required). The sealant's water resistance is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years. The glass can be cleaned with neutral and non-aggressive products.

The Lucernario Ventilation – light shaft finish can be supplied in specific dimensions. The standard system, of which 3 sides are fitted with grids, starts from 450 mm x 600 mm. Note that the daylight opening is very small. For the systems with 4 grids all around, the dimensions are always on request/customisation, the smallest size being 560 mm x 600 mm.
In addition to the standard colour of silk-gloss bare steel, the systems are also available in various RAL colours. The glazing of the Lucernario has a pixel structure so that the top layer has an anti-slip function; however, it is also possible to opt for a matrix structure in the glass.


Available in various RAL colours

Heated cellars / light-well 

If the cellar is heated and there is no window between the light-well and the cellar, it is better to opt for the Lucernario The walk-on rooflight / window

Various ventilation accessories are available such as exhaust fans (Out type). Exhaust fans can be used in the case of poor ventilation or stale air in the room. There is also the option of an in/out fan. IN-OUT fans can also blow fresh air in from the outside. Finally, adapters are available: these can be used to connect existing ventilation systems to the air inlets of the Lucernario.

Openable outside
Lucernario with the option to open and close from the outside is suitable for shower tray, underground storage, access for installations, access to basement or cellar.

Openable inside
Lucernario with the option to open and close from the inside is suitable for sealing emergency exits. For example for a parking garage, fully automatic car storage (VAB), metro, bicycle garage or cellar (basement). This type of opening Lucernario is also used as a seal for underground storage or as access for installations. Also, see the standard systems that can be opened from the outside.

Please note that this option has an internal locking mechanism and can only be opened from the inside.


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