Powerdaylight Solatube

The original daylight tube
  • The first daylight tube ever sold
  • Breakthrough technology
  • High performance and technical simplicity
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The Solatube Story 
The Solatube story began in the 1980s when an Australian inventor created a product that revolutionised the way daylight was brought into a building. After being patented, this system, the Solatube, became the first daylight tube ever sold, and an invention that transformed the daylight industry. Since that time, the Solatube brand has continued to innovate with new models and advanced optical technologies. Other names for a daylight tube are: daylight system, Solartube, daylight spot, light tunnel, sunpipe, daylight well.

Invented by Nature. Designed by Techcomlight.
Throughout history, people have sought ways to brighten up the interiors of the places where they live and work and no light source other than the sun is more perfect for giving light. Daylight is naturally bright and free. The use and transfer of that perfect light in a building is the basis of the Powerdaylight Solatube brand. Unlike traditional daylight openings, Solatube products capture daylight and bring it into interior spaces where natural light previously seemed impossible, such as interior rooms and rooms on lower floors. Only Solatube daylight systems use breakthrough technology to transform virtually any room in just two hours - without the expense, insulation leaks and hassle of traditional daylight openings. Utilising advanced optics and breakthrough technologies, the designs of the Solatube daylight tube received praise from both industry experts and customers for its high performance and technical simplicity.

Since then, the Powerdaylight Solatube brand has continued to lead the daylight industry with optical and decorative enhancements that allow the products to capture and transport even more daylight into interiors. Today, Solatube brand products have improved the homes of more than two million people, and millions of others have enjoyed the benefits in department stores, schools, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, offices and sports facilities. Well-known brands have improved their customers' experience and reduced their company's energy costs by including our products in their stores. When it comes to your home or workplace, installing a Solatube daylight system is one of the easiest and fastest ways to brighten up and add comfort to your interior spaces. As our systems work with daylight, they reduce your dependence on electricity, reduce your impact on the environment and cost nothing to operate. We are convinced that this is the smartest idea yet.

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