Solar Star

The environmentally friendly ventilation system
  • Energy neutral
  • Installed into any roof
  • High performance that's whisper quiet

The Solar Star
The Solar Star is a mechanical, energy neutral, ventilation system that is powered by an integral solar panel which harnesses the natural power of the sun. Today, new buildings are highly insulated and are airtight, therefore good ventilation is increasingly important. The Solar Star system ventilates a room whilst and at the same time removing CO2, radon and dust particles. In addition, the whisper-quiet ventilation system dissipates heat and moisture. The spaces being ventilated by a Solar Star system must be provided with a natural air supply, such as from an air grille.

Moisture in the house: where does it come from?

A good ventilation system is especially important during autumn as due to increased rain fall a buildings walls and roof have to endure more moisture which does not evaporate away as easily due to less sun shine. The build up of moisture is also compounded by the fact that doors and windows remain closed more often in autumn, resulting in an unhealthy indoor climate. A build up of moisture in the house, caused by taking a long shower, cooking without ventilating or airing wet laundry can even cause mold to form. By properly ventilating the building, a healthy indoor climate is maintained.

The Solar Star can be used on any roof

The Solar Star can be installed into any roof type using the same roof flashings as the Solatube ® daylight system to ensure watertight performance and straightforward installation. The Solar Star ventilation system is a maintenance free and sustainable option as you longer need to use energy to keep your rooms cool, benefitting both the environment and your energy costs. Whether you want to ventilate a warehouse, attic room, classroom or an animal stable: the Solar Star can be used anywhere!

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